Through the Eyes of a Child

The other morning I was sitting close to a window and heard some birds chirping.  My day was instantly off to a great start!!  I love Spring, when everything comes back to life.  I love the smells in the air, the longer days, the green hue that takes over the dullness of winter.  I actually even love cleaning my house at this time of year.  There’s something about opening the front door to invite in the sunshine and throwing open the windows to get that fresh breeze rushing through my whole house! And oh yeah . . . my birthday and free Rita’s water ice coincide with the beginning of Spring as well!  My favorite part of Spring is coming home at the end of my day and the excitement of being able to go for a walk or sit outside and talk to friends and neighbors for a bit because there is still plenty of daylight.

So today, I did just that . . . .I spent the late afternoon / early evening outside with friends and neighbors.  As I was kicking a soccer ball around with a few kids, one little girl came up to me with a single white fluff ball of a dandelion.  Now I work with kids so I know enough to be grateful if she happened to hand that fluff ball to me with a big grin on her face.  Afterall, that was true love right there, right?  So as she approached me, I bent over and asked her, “What do you have there?”  And right as we were eye to eye, nose to nose, she blew that white fluff ball with all her might.  The fluff went in my eyes and right up my nose and for several minutes following, I sneezed and coughed while my eyes teared.  To say I was a tad bit annoyed would be an understatement for sure . . . .until she looked at me, giggling, and with a huge smile on her face, saying, “Now you’ve been blessed by the Spring Fairy!  All things beautiful will come to you!”

Perspective!  And a chance to reinvent myself at the beginning of my favorite season, when new life is brought into being and old tired life is renewed.  That dirty, sneeze inducing, eyes tearing of a fluff ball brought me all things beautiful tonight and I am ever so grateful!


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3 Responses to Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. Susan Stivala says:

    Hi Mo! Needed to hear this post today! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and helping me to be more mindful of perception! Everything in life can change with a different perception. It’s how we look at things and handle things that make all the difference.

    I am enjoying reading your blog and look forward to many more posts! I will pass this along to my daughter, Leah, who is an avid reader and blogger fanatic!

    • mo22tivation says:

      Hi Susan! Thanks for reading my blog and for passing it on to your daughter. Please feel free to share with anyone you think would enjoy reading. And be sure to visit me on Twitter too.

  2. Susan Stivala says:

    Hi Mo! I needed a dose of perspective today and enjoyed reading your thoughts. I hope you keep pursuing your passion for writing and sharing! I will pass your link along to my daughter, Leah, as she is a huge fan of blogs, writing and reading! Looking forward to many more posts from you!

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