Happy Easter!

I was at a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt a few years ago. I would guess there were a couple hundred children, between the ages of 3 and 10 present.  There were so many eggs hidden in the local park you couldn’t help but see them beaming from behind bushes and trees and around corners of fencing or sitting on the windowsill of the clubhouse.  They were everywhere!  And there was one egg designated the Golden Egg.  This egg had $100 in it!!  It looked and felt like all the other eggs, so you never knew if one of the eggs you were picking up contained the coveted cash . . . . .UNTIL! everyone was back at the starting point and that’s when you could open your eggs and see what treasures poured out.

It was sheer mayhem when the whistle blew and kids scrambled everywhere to grab as many eggs as they could get their hands on.  Surely there was enough for everyone to gather, at the very least, a few eggs.  Sheer excitement and laugher and screaming and cheering ensued as kids ran in every direction hunting and gathering.  And then it happened . . . .

As the kids started to return to the starting point, sure enough there was one young person who, for whatever reason, had not obtained even one egg. Oh the tears!!  While the child’s mother took her by the hand and walked away from all the excitement to try to calm her daughter down, another child quietly got up from where he was sitting and dropped a few eggs in the little girl’s empty basket.  The adults erupted into loud cheers for that young unselfish boy.  Seeing the reaction of the crowd, a few others followed the young boy’s gesture and did the same thing.  When the girl returned to the crowd, she was beyond thrilled to see so many eggs in her basket.

Children started tearing open their eggs and shrieks of sheer delight echoed everywhere . . . . . .the loudest coming from a little girl in the back corner of the crowd . . . .she had found the Golden Egg!!!  And without even blinking, she got up, walked straight to the young boy who was the first to offer a few of his eggs to the little girl with none, and handed over the hundred dollar bill with a great big smile.

You could hear an ant walking in the grass at that very moment it was so quiet.  Every single adult stared at that young girl with jaws dangling.  And her parents stood there with tears in their eyes.

I think about that whole scenario, from start to finish, every Easter now.  The lessons displayed from the youngest among us.  As a teacher, I have often said to my students at the end of a class period, “We taught each other well today, thank you!”

What lesson have you learned from a young person in your life?

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4 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. Sally Kelly says:

    I love this story. What kindness these children displayed toward each other!! I’ve always taught our kids to treat others the way that they want to be treated and to speak their truth with kindness.
    We attended an outdoor Easter Service yesterday and at the end of the service our minister was baptizing people. Two of those getting baptized were children and when he asked the young girl if she wanted to follow Jesus Christ and accept Him into her heart, she replied, “More than anything in the whole world.” I was so impressed by her bravery and willingness to open her heart to a new beginning.

  2. Kris TX says:

    I heard a story on our Christian radio station (KSBJ) this morning that reminded me of this blog you posted a few days ago. The story took place many years ago when this little boy, “Robert” was in 2nd grade. When Robert was in 2nd grade, he was taken in by his 2 grandparents. Day after day, Robert watched how hard his grandparents worked to provide for him and to make ends meet. At the age of 7, Robert made a promise to himself that when he grew up and was able to work, he would pay off his grandparents mortgage. Through college, Robert worked 2 jobs and saved $15,000, not to pay back his student loans, but to pay off his grandparents mortgage. Just this past week, Robert surprised his grandparents by keeping the promise he made to himself at 7 years old, and paid the last 15,000 of his grandparents’ mortgage! What a selfless, thoughtful, huge heart that sweet 2nd grade boy had many years ago and continues to have today!

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