“How ‘Bout Now?”

Today I posted the Cookie Monster commercial to my Twitter feed . . . .

It makes me laugh.  Probably because I see so much of myself in Cookie  🙂  Growing up, I was the token “Are we there yet??” child.  I drove my parents absolutely crazy!  As a teacher, I have often presented my students with an especially long and complicated math problem and then jokingly asked them, “Are ya done?”  “how ’bout now?”  “Now?”  “NOW?????” before they barely had time to pick up their pencils.

PATIENCE.  It is a difficult thing.  Over the years, I have been forced into situations that I have no choice but to be patient.  It might be that dialysis chair I have spoken about or maybe a return phone call regarding an important issue.  The list goes on forever . . . .we have all had times that patience was required and there just wasn’t any other way around that fact.

Yesterday I was driving to an appointment and the car behind me was right on my tail, swerving back and forth, obviously annoyed with how slow I was going.  My first glance or two out the rear view mirror had me annoyed right back.  I thought about slamming on my brakes, but then what would that do for either one of us?  So I pulled over to the side of the road and let the driver race by me at breakneck speed.  I sat there for a minute thinking, what if she was on her way to the hospital to see a loved one for the last time?  What if her young child was getting off the bus at a busy intersection and expected her to be there?  What if  . . . .what if . . . .

Maybe that driver was just being annoying.  Maybe there was real reason for her “need for speed” at that moment.  I’ll never know, but that little bit of patience, allowing her to pass me, could have been the break she needed yesterday.

In our world of needing everything right here and right now, how can offering someone else even a split second of patience change their day . . . .or yours?

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