Step by Step

I started babysitting at the age of eleven.  When I think about that, that is (was) completely crazy!  I teach eleven year olds and I think they are amazing, but I cannot honestly say I would trust any of them with my newborn baby. . . .yet!  I was changing diapers and feeding babies and putting them down for naps . . .I wasn’t just playing with them for an hour here or there while mom was right on the couch.  There were many days that I had three to five very young children in my care for the entire day while their parents were at conferences or retreats or all day meetings.

During my time with these young children, I was quite often the witness of baby’s first steps or first word.  One little girl even learned to say “Mo” before mama or dada.  I didn’t realize at the time what a traumatic thing that was for the mom especially.  But I do remember being overly excited when Baby took that first step.  I remember the clapping and cheering I did and the enthusiastic way I told the mom when she came home that night.  I completely understood it was a very big deal in Baby’s life.

I remember how my role changed after Baby took that first step too.  I could no longer lounge on the couch, eating Doritos, watching Luke and Laura get married while Baby sat placidly on the floor and played with a single toy.  Now Baby was moving here there and everywhere and I had to be right there or something not so favorable was bound to happen.  That first step opened up a whole new world for Baby to explore!  Big things were about to be revealed. . . .all from one little baby step.

I am faced with some big things in front of me right now.  My mind keeps taking me to the end stage and I get overwhelmed by how I will get to that last stage and everything I have to do in between and how will all of it fall into place and who will need to be involved and who is going to help me up when I fall down . . .and. . . .and . . .it is completely overwhelming!  But when I break it all down into baby steps, one little piece at a time and I cheer myself along after each step, all of a sudden it’s not so overwhelming.

Baby steps!  Just one step is all I need to take for the journey to begin and the rest will unfold as it should.  I know God is right there to help me up if I should fall.  I know I have angels sent to me all the time to help me along the way, step by step.  Big things are about to be revealed . . . all from one little baby step!

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1 Response to Step by Step

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you, Mo, for this much needed reminder.

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