What Time is it?

I was registering for a test at the hospital today.  Next to me was an older gentleman doing the same.  As he sat down, I heard his registrar ask him, “Is everything the same since last time you were here?  Your birthdate?  Your address?. . . .”

WAIT!  WHOA!  Back-up there a second please!

Is his birthdate the same? haha!  I looked over at the desk and couldn’t help but laugh out loud quietly.  Well now, let’s have a little fun with that!  What if I had the ability to change my birthdate?  When would I want to be born?

Would I want to be born in the 1800s when women had to wear those long skirts and layers of petticoats and crinolines?  And those awful corsets?  Not to mention society’s view of women in the 1800s.  Hmmmm . . . .no thank you!

What about the roaring 20s?  Flappers and being among the first of my gender to be able to vote, appliances were coming into existence and even the first automobiles!  Life was certainly a bit easier for women . . . .but still, no thank you!

What if I was born in the 50s?  I have two older brothers who were born in that decade. . . .our beloved “Baby Boomers.”  Although many things about the fifties seem enticing, there were, of course, challenges during that time too.

So then I come to the time I was actually born.  My teen years were during the 80s.  I loved the 80s!  I loved the music and the crazy hair and the clothes.  The debut of MTV kept me entertained for hours and I could watch Pretty in Pink till I was purple . . . .I loved it!  And compared to today . . .I loved the slower pace.  I loved going outside first thing on a summer morning and disappearing until I heard the dinner bell or my mom hollering my name down the street to come home for dinner.  I didn’t have to worry about being taken if I stepped 3 inches off my property without an adult beside me.  Life was just easier and calmer.

So, “Yes, Miss Registrar Lady, my birthdate is still the same.”  But thank you for giving me a moment to ponder that thought.  Perhaps the next time I come back, I will tell you that, YES!, my birthdate has changed, but for now, I’m pretty happy with what I have on record.  🙂

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