Mind Over Matter

Last week, I walked into my bathroom at some point and flipped on the lights.  And, for whatever reason, I remember thinking to myself, I had not changed the lightbulbs in the bathroom in a really long time.

Today, I walked into my bathroom and flipped on the lights.

One popped and burned out.

A few days ago, I was driving down a street where a friend I used to work with years ago lives.  I drove by his house slowly, hoping to see him out in the yard so I could stop and say hello.  Unfortunately, his house was closed up and it looked like no one was home.

Today, I was in the same neighborhood and who was walking down the street at exactly the same time I was passing . . . .my friend I used to work with years ago!

Are you seeing the pattern here?  I have countless other examples of this kind of thing happening in my life.  I would dare to say it probably happens everyday, but I’m not always aware of the thought or the actual related event occurring.

So you can take this next anecdote however you wish, but it is the honest to goodness truth and whereas I do believe, to some extent, our thoughts have a bit of control over  outcomes, I am still completely blown away by what is happening.

I have cancer.  I have had this cancer for quite awhile at this point.  Last year, I was receiving chemo treatments for this cancer and the chemo worked wonders!  I could see, with my very own eyes, the cancer disappearing day by day.  Despite the amazing effects of the chemo treatments, I had this underlying fear that the chemo would attack my transplanted kidney, causing me to need dialysis treatments again.

A few months after starting the treatments, my kidney was damaged and I had to stop taking the chemo.  Since then, I have been on dialysis and trying to settle into that new routine, while also trying to solve a few other health issues that have come along with the need for dialysis.  So the cancer has been put on hold until these latest issues could be resolved.

Every night I envision myself being cancer free and not needing dialysis any longer.  Every morning I put a picture of my healthiest self in my line of vision when I first open my eyes and then go about my day.

For the past two weeks, I have witnessed with my very own eyes, the cancer slowly getting smaller and smaller.  I am not currently on chemo treatments.  My diet has not changed in any significant way.  I have no explanation for this miracle, except my thought patterns regarding the issue.  I do know my thoughts will continue to encourage these positive outcomes.

In the past few years, I have come to believe that we are able to manifest what we want in this life.  That doesn’t mean that I sit down and simply say, “I want a million dollars” and it will fall in my lap.  We need to truly believe that we are deserving of what we desire and then envision that desire becoming ours.  I also believe the desire we manifest has to be for the greater good, not just greed or self justification.

This concept of positive thinking and manifesting what can contribute to my best self has brought many amazing things my way the past few years.  I hope you will join me in being mindful of your thoughts.  And with this endeavor alone, imagine what we can do for our world!

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2 Responses to Mind Over Matter

  1. Sally Kelly says:

    This really touched my heart. Our minds are very powerful and I don’t think we always realize the power of positive thinking. I love that you picture your healthiest self every morning and that you feel your cancer getting smaller. I believe it!! My Mom had cancer for 14 years and 9 of those were terminal. She got up every morning and went to work at the hospital no matter what she was going through. Her closest friends and family knew she was sick, but no one else did. On the night that she passed away we were all around her bedside when the priest walked in. He leaned down close to her face and said, ” Is that Rosie?” We answered yes and he said that he was the chaplain at the hospital where she worked for 14 years and he never knew she was sick. That was our Mom! Selfless, positive, kind, and loving. Always making everyone feel comfortable in her presence and never complaining about her illness. She lived everyday to the fullest and inspired others to do the same. That’s what you are doing, Mo. Thank you for sharing your heart and your truth. You inspire me.

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