The Games Numbers Play

Hello, Internets, my name is Mo and I’m a numbers junkie!

As a math teacher, numbers have been my livelihood for 25 years.  I love numbers!  I love twisting and turning them in all sorts of directions to solve problems, to make my budget work in my favor, to find patterns, to just feel a sense of accomplishment after “getting it right!”  And oh when that checkbook balances perfectly right down to the very last penny . . . . oh how my love for numbers is renewed all over again!

But this year . . . .this year numbers are going to be the death of me!  For two reasons.

1.  Social Media

2.  Doctors

Today I choose to talk about social media.  And doctors . . . .that can wait till I calm down a bit more.

So in March of this year I started my blog.  And I joined Twitter.  And now I’m very slowly getting my act together for Facebook too.  Pinterest and Instagram are just going to have to wait because these other 3 things are taking over enough of my life.

I often talk with my students about technology and the ridiculous amount of time we spend checking our phones and all the sites we feel the need to maintain. And we actually have had some amazing conversations . . . probably because they can’t be scrolling through their phones during class so, for the most part, I have their attention.

The amount of stress associated with how many “likes” and “friend requests” and “retweets” and . . .and . . . and . . sucking the very life out of them!  And, honestly, and (not?) surprisingly, they HATE technology.  But its an addiction.  And no one seems to be able to help them because WE ARE ALL SUFFERING WITH THE SAME SYMPTOMS.

The amount of time I spend dodging people in crowded hallways or busy streets while they check their phones is a number so astronomical, not even this math teacher can count that high!

True confessions, Internets . . . .to some extent I have very sadly jumped on the bandwagon.  I want to know how many people are reading my blog.  I smile when I see someone has liked one of my tweets and if they retweet one of my tweets, well, chirp chirp! I’ve made it on Twitter, Mom!  And Facebook . . . .oh good grief I could spend days reading post after post after post and looking through pictures.  Not to mention . . . hey! let me refresh the old screen here for the fifty bazillionth time and see how many likes I have for my post!

It’s exhausting!  And I hate it!  But I’m doing it. . . .not nearly as intensely as many, many others, but I am doing it.  And I need an intervention!  So do our kids!  So I’m hopping off this bandwagon before I get too comfortable and jumping on another one . . . .

I have promised myself that I will only check my social media (at the very most) 3 times per day. . . . .morning, noon, and night.  I will continue to charge my phone in a different room, on a different floor of my home at night.  I will continue to keep my phone silenced and put away when I am out with friends and family (unless there is a reeealllyyy good reason for me to have it close by).

Seriously . . . my life is not going to be any better or worse depending on the numbers my social media receives.  My energy will be going towards helping our kids break away from their addiction.  They want to and they need our help.  Who is going to jump on my bandwagon?

I hope you do . . . .but before you go, can you just click that “Like” button down there at the end of this post????  hahaha . . . . .I’M KIDDING!!!!!!  I REALLY AM!!!  🙂

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