On Numbers (Part 2)

So yesterday I wrote about the way numbers are slowly taking over my life through social media.  Today I want to talk about the way doctors are using numbers . . .and not always in my best interest! (This post is an unusual rant for me but something I feel needs to be said for others out there who may be experiencing similar controversies.)

I have about 5 doctors that I am currently seeing on a regular basis. (I got-a-lotta health issues, what can I tell ya??)  The doctor I see on a very regular basis in the dialysis unit is all about numbers.  How much weight I gain.  How many units of fluid I need to remove at each treatment.  What are the levels of my potassium and phosphorous.  How high or low my blood pressure is running.  I know these numbers are important.  I am not denying that fact for even one second.  It’s the way I am compared to studies that have been done and textbook knowledge alone that I cannot listen to anymore.

I say every single day that I am my own textbook and please do not compare me to what they have recently read.  I seriously doubt there is anyone in any textbook that has my exact health history.

IT’S ABOUT HOW I FEEL.  And if I’m feeling good at a certain weight, then please don’t berate me because YOU feel I’ve gained too much fluid weight.  I know when I have done that.  My body rebels and I feel awful.  Just because a textbook says that a woman my age and height should only gain this amount, doesn’t mean that is the best scenario for me!  Does that woman in the textbook have my health history?  Does she eat what I eat?  Exercise as I exercise?  Sleep, work, and walk in my shoes as I do every day?

Please stop comparing me to the numbers you have studied.  I’m doing the very best I can and given all that I have to finagle to keep myself as healthy as possible, I’m doing a really great job!

To the readers out there who may experience the same type situation, whatever your challenge may be, take the best care of you as possible.  Remember it’s about how YOU feel and what works for you to be as healthy as possible.  We are all writing our own textbooks. DO YOU! There is not anyone else who does it better!  🙂

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2 Responses to On Numbers (Part 2)

  1. Sally Kelly says:

    Keep doing YOU, Mo!! You are doing the best you can and that is ALL that matters!! We all have different body types and different factors going on in our lives. I don’t own a scale. I did back in college and it caused a lot of frustration. If I feel good in my clothes, I just go with that. If I don’t, I try harder to watch what I’m eating and try to increase my exercise. Last year at my annual exam when the nurse asked me to step on the scale, I politely declined.

    • mo22tivation says:

      I don’t own a scale either so this constant focus on my weight is way more than I bargained for! I do what you do . . .if I’m comfortable in my clothes, great and if not, I put that chocolate back in the fridge till I am. 🙂

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