Backgammon or The Game of Life?

Believe it or not, when I need to do some serious thinking, I very often sit down at my computer and start to play Backgammon.  I think, at this point, I’ve played it so many times, that many of my moves are habitual and I can think about the issue that originally brought me to sit in that space and not so much how to win the game.

I have been doing this for longer than I care to admit.  But during this time, I have also analyzed my opponents . . . .sometimes the computer, sometimes another person.  And while observing the habits of another person, I have started to formulate some lessons that I find hold true to life.

So I offer you . . . .Some Thoughts  to Ponder Regarding Life from Playing Backgammon . . .

  1.  How often am I afraid to take a chance (make a move) because I think I know the outcome?  Maybe I need to challenge myself a little more in life.  Maybe I’m not Trusting the Process as often as I could and I need to allow myself to take more risks.  Perhaps that element of surprise will open new doors for me that I never even imagined were possible.
  2. How often do I think I know how the other person will react?  I know I have stopped myself from trying things or speaking up about something because I think I know what the reaction will be.  Again, that element of surprise may just bring about some exciting changes if I just muster the courage to look beyond what I think to be the end result.
  3. How often do I “make a move”, eventhough it may not be worthwhile or in my best interest, just to prove my point (or my power) ? Sometimes I find myself just wanting to “send my opponent home” and I take a useless step because I can.  In the long run, have I served myself or another person well?  Usually, when the intention is to simply position myself in a state of higher power, I have not.  That doesn’t mean I can’t work to do my best, but HOW I get there should always be a priority, while always keeping others in mind.  Is it possible for every situation to be a  “win-win” situation?  What would life look like then?
  4. Sometimes the other person just wants to prove their power and make your life miserable . . . how do you handle that?  So the flip side of lesson #3 and how do I handle being on the other side?  Am I a pushover and let other people direct how my life goes?  Do I remember that I am the sole person in charge of my feelings and how I handle any and all situations that arise in my life?  Sometimes it is so easy to react in the heat of the moment . . .Do I maintain my self respect, while keeping others in my line of vision as well?
  5. People hate to lose and sometimes they will simply leave in an effort to avoid that happening.  But have they won by leaving?  So not everything goes our way . . . .have we learned something from that loss?  Can we do better next time?  How do we feel about ourselves when we give up?

All that from a simple game of Backgammon  :).  Do you have any thoughts from a simple task you often find yourself doing?

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