A First Love

I was talking to a friend today, and within the first five minutes of conversation, she had put herself down three different times.

“I’m fat.  Love me or leave me.  And I’m guessing you’ll leave!”

“I am the most impatient person I have ever met.”

“You know I can’t do anything right.”

What the heck??  That was all in less than five minutes!!  If she is doing that everyday at that rate, in one hour she has belittled herself 36 times!  And in, let’s say, the 16 hours she is awake on any given day, she has chastised herself at least 576 times!!!  I am scared to death to do any further calculations!  (Sorry, the mathematician in me really took over there!)

But seriously!  My friends, we have got to be kinder to ourselves!  We would never say those things to people we care about, so why are we saying them to or about ourselves??

A while back, I did some mirror work with someone.  I was instructed to sit in front of a mirror and look deep into my eyes and say a few affirmations about myself.

It was hard!  I thought I was pretty happy with myself, but apparently my head had other ideas.  It took some work to be able to look in that mirror and say those kind things to myself and really believe them!

I challenge you to try to do some mirror work.  Start by looking in a mirror and deep into your eyes and say aloud, “(Your name), I really love you.  I really, really love you!” Then think of an aspect of your life that is suffering right now.  Look in the mirror and deep into your eyes and respond to yourself the same way you would respond to a close friend who was suffering.

You might be surprised at your reaction.  I was surprised at myself when I did this at first.  (It wasn’t pretty!)  But I will say, it taught me a TON about myself and it isn’t nearly as hard to do now as it was when I first started.

Be kind to yourself, Friends!  Take the time to honor yourself.  To respect and appreciate who you are and what you are about.  To become your best self!  You are so worth it!

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