My Sister Pack

This past weekend, a dear friend of mine from college came into town and I was reunited with my “sister pack.”  We were once a group of 10 – 15 during our college years.  Birthdays, failed exams, frat parties, boyfriends come and gone, family deaths, first job interviews . . . this sister pack of mine stuck together through it all!

The past 25 years have brought life changes that have caused our group to shift in number and dwindle to a much smaller circle.  Of course we have the brilliance of Facebook and other technological inventions to keep that original sister pack together, but it’s not the same as the good ole days when we could just walk out our door and right into the one next door and laugh and cry and be together through every single step of our young lives.

Seven years ago we lost our sister Sandy to that monster we call cancer.  Sandy was that girl who I like to think of as the big sister in the group.  She had experienced a lot by the time we had all hit college and there was nothing that girl wouldn’t talk about with us!  Sandy had a calming effect.  Her voice was always gentle and she listened.  Sandy knew how to truly listen.  She didn’t judge.  She didn’t assume.  She listened and she always understood.

My favorite trait about Sandy has always been and will forever be her laugh.  I still, to this very day, can hear that laugh of hers in my head and it ALWAYS brings a smile to my face!  It was genuine and truly happy and completely infectious in my mind.  It started out like a little giggle and would get bigger as she went, until we were all tearing and holding our sides.  Oh I loved her laugh and the happiness it always brought to our group.

Sandy had this magic touch of keeping all of us connected too.  By the time we graduated college, our college sister pack knew every single one of her high school sister pack as if we had all grown up together for those eight years.  To this day, we still talk about those high school friends and we really want to know how each and every one of them is doing.  I remember when we gathered for Sandy’s funeral and all of us , both her high school group and her college circle, sitting at dinner for hours catching up with each other and of course, reminiscing about our dear friend, Sandy.

So this past weekend, as we gathered again, this little sister pack of ours, almost seven years to the day of losing our dear Sandy, we remembered those days we had together. We laughed about the boys Sandy brought “home”, the crazy stories she told us . . .she ALWAYS had a good story to tell us at the dinner table, and her tales of family life after she was married with four little ones of her own.

Sandy is still our glue, keeping our sister circle connected and unbreakable.  She is still our big sister. . . . guiding us along the way, laughing right along with us, and listening with more gentleness and higher knowledge than ever before!  And good grief, I cannot wait for the day that we are all reunited on the same level again, hearing that infectious laughter and sharing those life stories around the dinner table.

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1 Response to My Sister Pack

  1. Kris TX says:

    It was so awesome spending the past few days with you, Mo! I so enjoyed walking around our old stomping ground, reminiscing about the good old days and sharing so many laughs together! Thinking and talking about Sand and what a very special friend she was, continues to help with the healing process. Sand truly was a blessing to all of us and a best friend to everyone who knew and loved her. I am so thankful for the dream I had about her on Sunday night, letting us know that she is ok. Even though she is no longer with us in our earthly life, she continues to live in our thoughts and in our hearts. Looking forward to the day we will all be reunited with her again. : – ))

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