The Wisdom Behind a Power Washer

I crossed off an item on my bucket list today!  I used a power washer!  🙂

You know how in a cartoon, if a character were to use a power washer, they would probably make him fly all over the screen because the pressure would be so strong he wouldn’t be able to keep his feet on the ground?  That was me the first few seconds today.  Good grief those things are powerful!!

The painter who is doing the work at my house took the hose from me, dialed down the strength a bit and handed the hose back to me saying, “sometimes a softer touch gets the job done better!”

Aaahh . . . . . life lessons surround us everyday, everywhere.  Are we open to receiving them?

I had an argument over the phone the other day with someone who is clearly not doing his job, and the result of his lack of follow through is me losing out on a significant grant.  Needless to say, we hung up the phone having exchanged some nasty words with each other and both of us angry with the other person.  Today I need to face that person directly . . . .

“sometimes a softer touch gets the job done better!”

I had been gearing up all morning for the conversation I was going to have with him.  And man alive was I going to let him have it.  Funny how God steps in and gives us another approach to ponder.

So I did just that.  I pondered.  While I whipped around a power hose and tried not to lose my balance :).  And I thought to myself, why use my energy getting angry with someone when God is going to handle this situation the way He sees fit.  I can certainly voice my disapproval.  I can absolutely make sure that my needs are heard and that goals assuring the best possible outcome are set.  But I can also decide to have all this happen in a much calmer and more civilized fashion.  Yelling hurtful words back and forth are not going to get either of us anywhere.

Just like the powerwashing hose .  . .“sometimes a softer touch gets the job done better!”  A softer touch saves further damage and destruction.  It keeps us balanced, with both feet on the ground.  It gets the job done better.  And who knows, maybe, when all is said and done, the end result will be just like new, if not better than we imagined!

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