Shoutout to Eric!

So.  Today.

I found myself at a local gas station, “filling up”, before I hit the road on a little adventure.  I barely pulled up to the pump when a kind young gentleman greeted me with a window squeegee. “We are offering free window cleanings today!” The car had recently been washed but what the heck!  Sure!  Squeegee away  🙂 !!  So as I went about filling my tank, he squeegeed.  As I was getting ready to leave, he stopped me and said, “Can I show you something real quick?”  Right away my mom’s infamous, “Nothing is ever truly free!” quote popped into my head as I begrudgingly walked around the car to the front windshield.

He pointed to a teeny tiny itty bitty little scratch on the windshield and started his pitch for fixing cracked glass and how I don’t want to let that almost invisible half pinhole go in this kind of heat because one day I will walk out and it will be a crack across my entire windshield, blah, blah, blah . . . .

“If you give me just a moment, I can fix that for you for free and you can be on your way.”  Before I could agree or disagree, he was off to the shop area to grab a clipboard and his cell phone.  Before he even got back to the car, he had dialed my insurance company and was waiting to speak to a representative.  Again, my mom’s quote haunted me.

My mind was racing, trying to figure out how this guy was about to mess with my personal information.  Or what kind of money I was going to have to fork over in the long run.  Or was that really a crack he was pointing to?  And would it crack further in this ridiculous humidity?  I’m a single woman at a gas station on a weekday.  Prime victim for these guys.  What would YOU do??

So as my mind is racing and I’m starting to break a sweat because all of this is coming at me so fast I can’t think straight, he obtains approval from my insurance company and starts mending the crack.  Just as I thought I was totally screwed, my cell phone rings.  I pick it up and it’s my insurance company.  “Here we go” was my only thought . . . .

“Ma’am, this is Rena from ________ Insurance.  We just had a claim put in for a crack in your windshield.  Please answer the following secret code question to confirm that indeed someone is fixing your windshield right now.”  So I did.  And he was.  And suddenly my heartrate started to slow a bit.

As I hung up with the insurance company, Eric, the gentleman fixing the crack, talked me through what he was doing step by step, in a most polite fashion.  He gave me a form to hold onto so that if my windshield should ever crack again or further from today’s crack, I should return to that gas station and get the entire windshield replaced for FREE!

I handed him a tip to show my appreciation and off I went with my repaired FREE windshield and a whole new outlook on people in today’s world.  I was almost angry with myself for being such a “Doubting Thomas” from the very first hello, but, very honestly, in today’s world, people are not often THAT polite to strangers.  People aren’t always THAT willing to help someone out when they notice something that could save someone else a much bigger headache in the future.  Things are rarely truly free.  And people are not always honest or willing to do a good job.

SHOUT OUT TO YOU ERIC!!  First class show today!!  From every angle!!  You were polite, efficient, honest, thorough, and you did yourself and your company PROUD today!!  Thank you!  For fixing the crack and saving me from a bigger headache down the road.  For being so polite and helpful.  For giving me a fresh perspective on people in this world today! For proving that there are still genuinely kind people out there, ready to do what is right and best.  May your kindness be returned to you many times over!

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4 Responses to Shoutout to Eric!

  1. Rachel G says:

    Aww, thanks for sharing this great story! I know exactly the feeling of not really trusting that anything is free, or that someone is actually trying to be helpful. It’s scary when you’re somewhere by yourself and you’re not sure if you should trust somebody or not! Glad this was the real deal!

  2. Do be aware that your premium may increase from that repair — probably not by much, but don’t be surprised. I live in Alaska, where cracked windshields are COMMON because we coat our roads with tiny rocks for traction on the ice (salt doesn’t work in our colder winter temperatures). So, I know this deal intimately. Just don’t be surprised by the increased premium. It’s usually not much – $20 maybe.

    • mo22tivation says:

      I thought of that after I hung up the phone. “Nothing is ever truly free!” 🙂 Thanks for that thought/warning! . . . .it’s worth not having to worry abut what the heat and soon the cold will do to that teeny tiny little ding.

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