Look Up!

A few years ago . . .(OK, WOW! way more than a few years ago!), I gave an extemporaneous speech in a class I was taking to learn how to run a non profit organization.  The class itself is worth a post all its own!  I learned A LOT and the project my group originated is still up and running today!

My speech was titled, “Look Up!” and it was about the walk I took through the city each week to get to the hotel where my class took place.  I have never lived in the city and as a young girl, my parents were not really fans of leaving our cozy suburban home, so it was always an adventure when I had an occasion to be in our great city.

On this particular evening, as I navigated my way through the crowds of people rushing to get home, I couldn’t help but notice the way the light of this early evening was playing with everything around me.  The sun was starting to go down and the reflection off the windows of the tall buildings was spectacular!  One of my favorite parts of city buildings is to see so many of the little windows lit up, speckled among the many floors of offices. Street lights were starting to pop on as I walked down the busy streets and neighbors were getting ready to welcome family members home as individual house lights also popped on in one neighborhood.

The sky was a gorgeous color of blue . . .somewhere between a royal blue and a deep midnight blue, and smack in the middle of a dark patch, was  the most billowy bright white cloud I have ever seen!  It took my breath away with how it sat so bold and beautiful in the midst of the dark background, with a streak of brightness from the sinking sun.  It was gorgeous!

Gradually, my gaze had to come back to street level as I had several roads to cross and the walkways were getting more and more crowded.  I started to watch the expressions on people’s faces as we rushed by each other.  Almost every face was bent down, looking at a phone screen.  Some were smiling in a way that made me think maybe they had a nice surprise waiting for them when they got home.  Some were very pensive and others were tense, as if they had just gotten bad news or had forgotten an important obligation they had scheduled.  Regardless, it made me sad to think of all the beautiful things they were missing as they buried their gaze in their phones.

I have been reminded of this speech several times this summer as I have walked through a variety of neighborhoods and made sure to look up at the beautiful summer sky.  We have had some stunning summer skies this year!  Have you seen them?  It’s not too late!  Next time you find yourself walking around outside, no matter what time of day it is, or where you are, do yourself a favor and LOOK UP!!!!  God is an awesome artist and the most creative soul I will ever know!

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