You Want Fries With That?

My friends comment all the time about how much they hate food shopping.  I don’t love it, but it’s just something I do without really thinking about it.  I typically know what I want, where it is, and if it is a sale item or not that week.  Then came yesterday, when I was shopping for a friend.  I was laughing out loud, standing in the cookie aisle, searching, for what I thought was the simple task of picking up a package of Oreo cookies.  When did that become such a complicated thing?  There were original and double stuff, vanilla, golden, Uh-Oh Oreos, Double Delight Oreos, lemon, peanut butter, thin ones, mini ones, Heads or Tails, dipped, triple decker . . . .Move over Forrest Gump, shrimp’s got nothing on you!!

It wasn’t just the cookie aisle that had me so stressed.  Have you ever shopped for someone else?  You cannot just go and pick up a loaf of bread.  Do you want white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel . . . original, thin sliced, super thin . . .SERIOUSLY??  I just want to be able to have a piece of toast in the morning!  Oh ok . . ..should I pick up some butter for you too??  Original, country churned, light, calcium plus vitamin D, stick or spreadable . . . .?????


I thought it was this upcoming election that had me so on edge. . . . . in reality, it’s the number of choices that I am faced with every single day!  This became so evident to me as I continued running errands for my friend.  Choices overwhelmed and even paralyzed me as I shopped for a birthday card, shampoo, and soap.  I am quite sure the cashier thought I had completely lost my marbles when I got to the counter and she kindly asked, “How would you like to pay for that?”  I was caught somewhere between a burst of laughter and an all out temper tantrum. . . .cash, credit, debit, gift card . . . .oh good grief!!

Have you noticed that we are less satisfied when we have so many choices?  We agonize over what choice to make and inevitably we wish we had made a different one in the end.  Our expectations multiply and our self esteem diminishes to the point of nothingness.  I felt so completely incompetent yesterday doing what I thought was just a simple act of kindness.

When I got back to my friend’s house and was putting her groceries away, she asked me to grab her a bottled water from the fridge.  I shit you not when I tell you I opened the door to find spring water and sparkling water.

Tomorrow I was going to shop for jeans.  I’m not even getting out of bed!  :/

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