Gratefully Yours #1

Well here it is . . .November 1 and the start of #NaBloPoMo (National Blog Post Month!).  As a fairly new blogger, this is the first year I have taken part in this challenge and I must say, I am a bit intimidated by the thought of writing a post everyday in the month of November.  Do I really have that much to say?  After much thought and contemplation, I have recognized that something I can talk about endlessly is GRATITUDE.  And, in my opinion, this is the perfect month to share some gratitude with all of you.

Of course there are things that we are all grateful for on a daily basis, so my focus for this blogging challenge will be sharing the gratitude I feel for the not so obvious blessings in my life.  So on this first day of what I am choosing to call my Gratefully Yours series, I start by thanking my trick or treaters from last night!

Seriously, you were the kindest, friendliest, and most polite group of young ghosts and goblins I have ever treated!  I think every single one of you greeted me at my door with a friendly, “Happy Halloween!” or “Trick or Treat!” and “thank you!” after receiving your treat.  And special kudos to those who showed their sheer jubilation over receiving a simple chocolate bar.  I will confess that the chocolate bar I gave out was my favorite too, but to show as much joy and enthusiasm as you did, well that just made me all “gobbily- gook” inside too 🙂 .  Here’s to chocolate covered cookie crisps!!!

I was especially grateful for the rather large group of teenage boys that came to my door at the last second.  They were all dressed in a legit costume and if I knew your parents, I would be visiting each of your homes today to let them know how very proud they should be of all of you!  You were polite and friendly and the most respectful group of teenage boys I have encountered on Halloween evening in a very long time!!  You know that little tiny Mario Brother who got lost in your swarm?  He had the biggest smile on his face when you let him take the last 2 candy bars from the bucket!!  And I thought he might just die on my front porch when you formed that line and high fived him for his costume.


So today I find myself unable to stop smiling because of all of you, dear trick or treaters of 2016!  I hope you all got a pillow case full of your favorite treats!!  I am Gratefully Yours!!  🙂

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