Gratefully Yours #2

Yesterday when I went to the store, the parking lot seemed overly crowded to me.  Maybe everybody else was desperate for a jar of peanut butter and some celery sticks too?  As I got out of my car, I noticed the shopping cart corral was unusually full as well.  I pondered whether to get my cart outside or to take my chances and assume there would be one inside, waiting just for me.  I was in a rush, and with each glance in the direction of the door, I couldn’t help but think that maybe tomorrow would be a better day to do my shopping . . .

Have you ever had a day when “your stars are aligned” ?  “The gods are in your favor” ?  Everything is “peaches and cream” ??  Well yesterday must have been mine!  As I boldly drove to those parking spots right up by the door, a cute little old gentleman gingerly pulled out of a prime space, and gave me a big grin and a friendly wave.  It was almost like he had been waiting just for me to come and pull right into that space he was holding!

Lost in the thought of my good fortune with parking, I forgot to take a cart from the corral, before entering the store.  But never fear, because as soon as I walked through those sliding glass doors, there it was, one single, miniature cart, waiting just for me!!  I took a quick inventory of my surroundings . . . was someone messing with me??  Prime parking and a lone cart?  For real??

Those moments that I just mentioned are what I find myself grateful for today.  And anytime they happen.  Those perfectly timed, couldn’t – ask – for – more type moments.  They do seem to happen to me quite a bit and I am always in awe of their occurrence, but so grateful they happened.

As I was checking out yesterday, I had just put my last item on the conveyor belt when the cashier said to the customer in front of me, “I’m supposed to be on break, but I’m going to take care of this one last customer and then I’ll go.”  That’s right, my friend, because today, everything is “coming up roses” in my garden and you don’t want to be the only thorn!!  🙂

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