Gratefully Yours #5

About fifteen years ago, I was helping to serve a Thanksgiving dinner to a group of homeless families on Thanksgiving Day.  I remember so clearly the director of the shelter asking if anyone would like to offer a prayer before everyone started eating.  One gentleman in the crowd immediately stood, bowed his head, and said, “Thank you, Lord, for giving us these fine people to serve today.  Thank you for allowing me and my fellow servants the opportunity to bring your grace to them and to share this bountiful meal with them. Amen!”

I remember his words very clearly because every time I serve someone, I use those words as a silent prayer before serving whoever I am gifted to be with at that particular time.  Serving my brothers and sisters is a gift I am most grateful for on a daily basis these days.  I am blessed to be in a position in my life right now that allows me the opportunity to serve those less fortunate than myself every single day.

Of course serving others brings tremendous gratitude for my abundant blessings, but I never thought to be grateful for those I was serving until I heard the words of the gentleman that day fifteen years ago.  So today, and everyday, I am so, so very grateful for those individuals who allow me the opportunity to serve them.  I am a more grateful person because of them.  I am more understanding and accepting of others in my world.  I am a better person overall because of them.  I am forever grateful for their presence and role in my life.

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  1. Life is better when you’re grateful!

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