Gratefully Yours #6

Fifteen years ago I joined a community with whom I never imagined I would ever become a member.  I personally supported this group, but it was silently and without much thought.  Little did I know that one day I would be a staunch supporter of this organization, addressing large audiences about its mission and asking people to really think about its  rewards and benefits.  This community is unique in that all major religions in the world view its purpose as an act of charity or make it clear that it is a decision that is left to be made by an individual or family.

Organ donation has  literally given me a second chance at life.  And quite honestly, as I sit typing this post, I am awaiting a third chance at life.  Who am I to deserve yet another opportunity to do whatever it is I am meant to do on this earth?  That is a question I battle within myself every single day.

Today, as I prepare to stand before an audience of more than 500 donor family members and attempt to convey to them the deeply profound sense of gratitude I have for their massive act of generosity, I will also vow to live the rest of my life, day by day, doing something that matters to someone else and that I can only hope will reflect the life that I believe I am being asked to lead with every breath I take.

Today I share my gratitude for the individuals and families who have chosen the most selfless act of charity there is, the gift of life to another.

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2 Responses to Gratefully Yours #6

  1. Kris TX says:

    I know how very thankful you are for your 2 gifts of life. I am so very thankful you received them as well. What a beautiful gift to receive. I can’t think of a gift more beautiful than the gift of life. What a beautiful gift from you to give back to the organization and the donor families, volunteering and giving speeches to those families who donated a loved ones organ. I can’t even begin to image all the emotions involved by all the people in attendance. I pray that you will be gifted again with a 3rd gift of life. Keeping you in my prayers each and every day. Love you Girl!

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