Gratefully Yours #7

I can listen to almost any genre of music.  What type I favor at the time has very much to do with my mood at that time.  Or maybe my mood is determined by the music that is being played.  Either way, music has helped me to sort many things out over the years and really get in touch with my emotions at any given time.

When I have lost important people in my life, I have always associated a particular song with that person and the relationship we had during our time together.  It may be a song we both really enjoyed or, in one case, it was the song that was on the radio when I heard the person had died.

There is an REO Speedwagon song that, to this very day, reminds me of a boy I really liked when I was in seventh grade.  He asked me to dance at one of the mixers that year and that song was playing.  I still get excited when I hear a particular Billy Joel song because my friends and I spent hours memorizing the lyrics before we went to his concert one year.  I’m proud to say I can still belt out every single word of that song, without any hesitation!  I can sing show tunes on demand and I used to play a game with my students, “Name that TV show!” by recognizing the theme song in only a few notes.

Have you heard the Jeep commercial that is using a Cat Stevens song???  I loved Cat Stevens when I was in college and he had disappeared from my thoughts over the years.  So the other day, I spent more time than I am willing to admit listening to his tunes on You Tube.  Some of his songs brought back some great memories of my college days.

Today I just find myself grateful for the plethora of artists who have touched my life through music over the years.  They have helped me to work through my emotions and have planted countless lasting memories in my head, without even knowing me.

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4 Responses to Gratefully Yours #7

  1. Kris TX says:

    Oh What a Night by The Four Seasons . . . ring a bel, Mo? Still think of you when I hear that song.
    : – )

  2. Music touches our lives in a very special way. I play music as per my mood. When I am all happy and cozy, I love to hear romantic numbers.

  3. I’m right there with you on the music issue! I’d be lost without it for sure!

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