Gratefully Yours #9

Today I believe I have to be thankful for my ability to choose.  I am not always proud of or happy with those choices, but for the most part, I stand by them. For example, yesterday, I made a pretty significant choice.  I wasn’t particularly happy with it, but I stand by it firmly. And no one can take my choice away from me.

I am incredibly grateful for my ability to choose every single day.  Before I get out of bed in the morning, no matter what challenges I may or may not know my day holds, I choose to do something to make my day a better one than yesterday.  When I head into that dialysis room, I choose to greet my fellow patients with a smile and a cheerful exchange.  They aren’t happy to be there either, but we need to be, so we may as well make the best of it.  Besides, I’m too busy being grateful that I have an option that keeps me as healthy as possible right now . . . there just isn’t any time to be miserable.

When I find myself in an exchange with a difficult person, I try very hard, even in the heat of the moment, to make the choice to listen closely to what that person is saying and to try to understand why they hold that particular viewpoint.  Afterall, they have the right to choose as well and my opinion isn’t the only one that matters.

Did you ever play the game Red Rover when you were younger?  One team would stand with their hands locked together while a member of the other team tried to break through their hold.  If you broke through, you could choose someone from that team to come back to your team with you.  If you didn’t break through, you became a member of that team until everyone was on the same team.

Today, and everyday moving forward, I am choosing to hold hands firmly with the people on either side of me, until we are all united on the same team, because we are much stronger together!

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1 Response to Gratefully Yours #9

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    Yes, we had the choice yesterday and while we may not agree with the other choices or even love our own, it’s definitely not worth the hate and pain being thrown at friends and family members by people all over social media today. We had the ability to choose. People should focus on being that better choice for our next go around.

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