Gratefully Yours #10

It is very much the Fall season here in the northeast section of the country.  The leaves are beyond gorgeous and falling off the trees steadily now.  The air is cool and crisp in the mornings and evenings.  The clocks have been changed back an hour.  And Christmas decorations have been out in the stores for about three weeks now.  :/

Today I was at a friend’s house.  As I walked through her kitchen to get to the front door, an unmistakable scent filled the air.  I paused for a second, just to breathe it in, inhaling as fully as I possibly could.  I looked around the room, somewhat confused as this scent is one I can enjoy for only a very brief amount of time and I only ever find it in spring.  The hyacinth.  It isn’t the prettiest flower in my eyes, but it’s scent is my absolute favorite smell of all time!  Even more so than homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Or Thanksgiving dinner as it’s various parts are placed on the table, fresh out of the oven.

The hyacinth is a sign of newness to me, especially since its short lived presence usually occurs around March or April.  Its scent instantly relaxes me and just gives me the sense that everything is going to be okay.  How ironic that this calming and soothing favorite scent of mine should appear the day after such a tumultuous day in history yesterday.

Today I am grateful for that flower and the ability it has to send me into an almost immediate relaxed state with its beautiful and aromatic scent.  My friend sent me home with a vase full of those flowers.  My car smells great.  My house smells great.  And I know that breathing slowly and deeply, everything will be just fine.

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