Gratefully Yours #11

As much as I love this time of year with its vibrant colors and blue skies, I also miss my warm summer days.  For those who know me, it is no secret I do not take well to cooler temperatures.  I try hard to keep the temperature inside my home to a reasonable level, especially now, when the temperatures have not gotten that cold yet.

With that said, the inside of my home still gets chilly and the heat doesn’t usually kick on until I am snuggled up in about two or three layers and buried under a blanket.  Enter my gas fireplace and my space heater!!!!  These two companions of mine have become my new best friends the last few years. As soon as I feel that familiar chill in my home, I drag out the space heater and pluck that remote for my fireplace right out of its resting spot.  My home is small enough that the fireplace can heat the entire first floor very comfortably and I just drag my space heater with me from room to room upstairs.

Today I am home more than usual and I am most grateful for these two luxury items I own.  As I type this post, my trusty space heater is right beside me, whirring away  and in just a short while, I will be snuggled up almost inside my fireplace, reviewing some papers for work.

For what its worth, these two items saved me some significant money on my heating bill last year too.  So today, my gratitude shout out goes to two of my favorite wintertime companions who keep me all warm and snuggly during the upcoming months.

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