Gratefully Yours #14

Today I am especially grateful for kind people.  Those individuals who just offer the simplest acts of kindness with no expectations of anything in return.  It was a little bit of a rough day today and I suppose that little fact was written all over my face.  We all have them and today was my day.

A very kind woman in the dialysis room pulled up a chair next to my treatment chair and realizing I really didn’t feel like talking about the situation I was in, simply asked if she could share some pictures of her grandchild.  She told me a few cute stories.  Shared some really cute pictures and wished me a better day ahead.  By the time she got up to get her own treatment, I had somewhat forgotten what was making me so miserable.

I had a small but rather painful procedure done last Friday.  My nurses could not have been any kinder!  They did their very best to make me as comfortable as possible.  They kept checking in with me and encouraging me when they saw that the pain was more than I anticipated.  Their gentleness and compassion were just what I needed at that moment.

Little things so many times add up to the big things that truly make all the difference in a person’s day.  I try everyday to do something to make someone else’s day better than they expected.  It was so nice to be on the receiving end today.  I am so grateful for all those who show me simple acts of kindness.  I am blessed to receive them often.  Today I appreciate them that much more!

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1 Response to Gratefully Yours #14

  1. It’s a beautiful thing when you are on the receiving end of an act of kindness, but even better when it is unexpected. I am thankful every day for the gift of today.

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