Gratefully Yours #17

I have had many instances in my life, most especially in the last fifteen years or so, where I have been blessed to experience the presence of angels.  One story in particular is beyond amazing and I will write about it someday, but today I want to share some of the smaller instances and perhaps by reading this, you too will be able to feel some sense of awe.  Or, better yet, maybe you will have a similar situation you can relate to in your own life.

The first instance I can remember believing that angels really were present in my life was about fourteen years ago and it had to do with a bracelet a dear friend had given me.  This is the story I will tell someday.  It was after that incident that angels seemed to be present in my day to day living more than I could ever imagine.  I remember my car slipping on ice one winter day and I had lost control of my car.  A split second before my car would have slid right into another one, it stopped.  The other driver and I just looked at each other in sheer amazement.  When I think of that day, I have a vision of an angel just placing him/herself in the middle of our two cars and acting as a pillow for mine.

A more recent incident was a summer day, during a pretty awful thunderstorm.  I used to have a massive tree in front of my house.  Since the very day I bought my house, I had worried about that tree falling and destroying my house or the cars parked on the street, or worst of all, individuals walking nearby.  I came home on this particularly stormy day, and as I drove down my street, I was noticing all the damage caused by the winds and the powerful rain.  Trees and wires were down.  Branches were everywhere and trashcans were still blowing all around the area.  As I drove up to my house, my jaw dropped.  The massive tree had fallen and was laying in front of my house and my neighbor’s home.  As I slowly and fearfully got out of my car and walked over to the fallen tree, I could not believe my eyes!  The tree had fallen in such a way that it laid perfectly between our two houses.  Neither home was touched.  No cars were damaged. No person was harmed or even scratched!  If you didn’t see the tree actually sitting there, you would not even know it had fallen.  Incredible!  And the other amazing part of this story is that I have come to count on my dear friend who died in 2003 to be my personal guardian angel.  I associate a song with her presence in my life.  As I drove home that day, that song was playing on the radio, just as I was pulling up in front of my house!  Similar situations have occurred multiple times since her passing.

Today I find myself sharing the gratitude I have for the angels in my life.  I know they are all around me.  I feel them almost daily.  Those days I find myself not aware of their presence, I know I need to slow down and look for those magical moments, because they are there and I am so grateful!

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