Gratefully Yours #19

Saturdays are traditionally my day to do the chores I don’t have time for during the week.  As I wrote my list of things to do for today, I found myself sighing and pretty much dreading the day I had been looking forward to all week as I knew I wouldn’t have to get up to go to work.

As I sit here right now, looking over that list and trying to organize how my day will flow, I am filled with a strong sense of gratitude.  I have pots and pans to scrub.  But then I know I have been blessed to have food to cook and share with those I love.  I am thankful that my body has been nourished and not left hungry.  I have laundry to do.  How very grateful I am to have warm clothes to wear and options available to me so I don’t have to wear the same articles of clothing every single day.  I have bills to pay.  But I also live with the glory of electricity and water.  I have a home I love . . . and I am so grateful for the brand new roof that keeps me safe and guarded from the weather.  I have dusting and vacuuming and mopping to do.  All that means I have had the luxury of moving freely throughout a variety of rooms in my home.  I have letters to write, speeches to prepare, and activities to plan.  Thankfully, that means I have work to keep me busy and fulfilled and individuals who are counting on me to help them in a variety of ways.

My list is pretty long today.  And I am blessed and forever grateful!

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