Gratefully Yours #21

‘Tis the season!  Its colder outside.  Festive lights are beginning to pop up in every neighborhood and around shopping malls.  Advertisements are doing their best to draw us into the stores or to shop on their websites.  And long pants are finding their way out of the backs of our closets.  That’s right.  It’s pants season now.  ‘Tis the season!

And a jolly one it is when those pants come out of hibernation and gear up for the chilly months ahead.  So this weekend it got pretty chilly for the first time this season and I donned my comfy jeans with a big bulky sweater.  True to form, I pulled on those jeans and was instantly reminded why I love them so much.  They are molded right to me and only me.  They fit like a glove yet they are just worn enough that they know exactly which direction to move and how much “give” to offer me.  But the best part about these favorite jeans of mine and this chilly season that is upon us . . . .is when you reach deep into those pockets that haven’t even been thought of since last year and you feel the old familiarity of that long lost friend . . . . .A TWENTY DOLLAR BILL!!!!!!!!!!

And that is exactly what I am thankful for today!  Those days when you reach into your pocket and pull out any denomination of money that may have been left there since the last time you wore those pants.  So I called a friend and the two of us went off to have lunch with that surprise bill and catch up with each other.

It was a “Two-fer” day 🙂 !  Not only was I gifted with the twenty dollars I didn’t expect, but I was also given the gift of time with a dear friend. So very grateful for those unexpected surprises in my life!

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1 Response to Gratefully Yours #21

  1. Kristina says:

    Nice! I like the way you channeled that surprise and made even more fun out of it. 🙂

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