Gratefully Yours #25

Yesterday I was gifted with the company of some elderly friends in the area.  I sat with them and heard about their families and their life accomplishments.  I was given some incredible history lessons about the hardships some of them have overcome and lived to tell.  Our elderly are such an incredible gift to us all and it hurt my heart quite a bit yesterday to see so many just barely getting through the day.  To hear stories of their aches and pains.  To see the sadness in their eyes and the slump of their shoulders carrying such burdens.

These new friends of mine have such a significant role in the life I live today.  No, they did not raise me or even know me before yesterday, but their actions from long ago made a difference for me today.  The freedoms I enjoy, the laws that keep me safe and protected, the young people they brought into the world and raised to be our leaders today . . . .its easy to forget in our day to day occurrences.

I met Cecilia as we were walking down a hallway.  She had been sitting quietly in her wheelchair and her whole face just lit up as we passed and wished her a Happy Thanksgiving!  She was anxious to share with us that she would be turning 95 in July.  She instantly told us of stories of her childhood and the days she used to cook with her mother.  I could almost see by the look on her face that she thought she was standing in that kitchen right then and there, smelling the food they prepared together and gathering her large family of ten children.  She was so proud of each of her children.  A few she has lost in recent years brought a deep sense of grief, but also an anticipation that she would see them again soon.  I can’t imagine having to bury even one of your own children, let alone three.

Our elderly have so many stories to share with us and an abundance of wisdom!  I am so grateful for the time I had to spend with some of them and even more grateful for the thoughts they so readily shared with us yesterday.

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