Gratefully Yours #26

It’s two days after the big “turkey-is-just-for-show-let’s-get-to-the-sides!” day and I am all about being super thankful for those LEFTOVERS!!!!  You guys!  Seriously . . . Thanksgiving should really be celebrated the day AFTER the turkey is cooked.  There is nothing better than some big squishy slices of bread, stuffed to the gill with turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce all slathered in gravy or even mayo.

OH.  MY.  WORD!!

I could barely type that without drooling all over myself!  You know how on Christmas Eve it’s hard to sleep because you’re all excited about the next day (oh . . . that’s just me??) well I have the same problem the night of Thanksgiving because I know what’s in that fridge downstairs and it takes every fiber of my being to stay in bed and not attack the fridge in the middle of the night.

Visions of big piles of buttery mashed potatoes dotted with corn kernels or leftover green bean casserole with extra crispy fried onions on top . . . .OH.  COME.  ON!!!!  YYYUUUMMMMM!!  And you and I both know that a warm piece of apple pie with vanilla ice cream dribbling over the sides is a perfect start to anyone’s day . . . bring on the fruit for breakfast 🙂 !!!!

Ahh yes.  The leftovers.  I love them.  I’m not ashamed at how much I stuff into myself.  And as always, I am . . . .VERY Gratefully Yours :).

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3 Responses to Gratefully Yours #26

  1. Ramya says:

    You made me drool too with your post. Enjoy the day after thanksgiving 😃

  2. Alice Gerard says:

    There’s nothing like eating leftovers until the buttons on your pants pop off and fly across the room like a runaway missile!!!!!

  3. Valarie says:

    OMG. LOVE leftovers day!

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