Gratefully Yours #28

Today I am drained.  But for a most incredible reason!  My student is “getting it” !!!!!  I have pushed and pulled and fought and encouraged and even walked out two times.  But today . . . .today brought praise from the professor for multiple things; today there was a twinkle in the eyes for the very first time since I started this endeavor months ago; today there was admiration from fellow classmates; today there were actually tears in my eyes for a battle hard fought and a victory gained!

This endeavor has been one of the most challenging I have taken on as an educator.  I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this adventure and truth be told, I had not even a clue!  I did not know how very tedious it would be to write a one page paper.  I did not realize that reading a single paragraph of a fifty page assignment in the textbook would be a half hour ordeal.  I just didn’t know.

I have learned the difference between when to empathize and when to execute tough love to its fullest; when to let go and when to hold on tight and push right through that cement wall in front of me; and when to praise a mediocre job that is the result of honest effort and when to call the bluff of a pathetic “masterpiece” that was thrown together in minutes.

I am honestly not sure which one of us has gained more from this venture of ours. Is it she who has gained a very noticeable bump in self worth?  Or is it me who has witnessed the blooming of a very delicate flower in this tumultuous season of storms?  Either way, it is a success!  A celebration both of us deserve.  A time to be heartily grateful.  And I am very GRATEFULLY YOURS!

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1 Response to Gratefully Yours #28

  1. Congratulations. This is the best example I can think of about that old saying “it’s better to give than to receive”. Both are rewarding.

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