The Act of Simple

A friend sent me this video and it really resonated with me as I am working very hard during this season of hustle and bustle to be more intentional and present in the moment.  To slow down and really connect with the individual(s) in front of me.  I want to witness the twinkle in the eyes of the young people I encounter.  I want to make the burdens of an elderly friend a bit lighter.  I want everyone I meet to experience a touch of joy, regardless of their beliefs or their life style or their challenges.  Everyone deserves a chance to laugh or to smile or to hear kind words spoken.

Will you join me in this endeavor?  It really is simple.  And it doesn’t cost a penny.  It doesn’t require anyone to stand in a long line or to push someone else aside so you can get “there” before they do. It leaves everyone feeling better about themselves and the world around them.  It’s a win – win for everyone involved!!

Today at my church, we were instructed to turn and introduce ourselves to the people around us before the service got started.  It was so nice to know the name of the person sitting behind me when it was time, later in the service, to turn and shake her hand and offer her a bit of peace. Such a simple act made such a positive difference.  And I imagine for those who were visitors or new to our church, it was a most welcoming gesture.

Let’s make time for the simple this season.  For a few years I had a bulletin board in my classroom that read, “Your presence is the greatest gift of all.”  There is so much truth to that statement and in a world that so much is handled by means of a screen, imagine what your actual presence to others can mean to them.

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