Gratefully Yours #8

My mom always said, “There are two things you never discuss with people . . .religion and politics!”  She carried that belief right down to our household.  My parents never discussed politics with us and religion was a given. . . .we just followed their lead.

That aspect of my childhood makes me sad.  I think it is so important to hear your parents opinions on those topics.  Whether you grow up to follow their beliefs or not, I think it is important to hear why they choose to believe what they believe.

Regardless, I am so grateful for my right to vote.  My right to have an opinion.  My right to help move this country in a direction that I hope is a good solid direction.  I am grateful for all those who went before me and fought so hard for me to have these rights.

I know many of us are scared for the future, but please honor the right you have to cast your ballot.  Too many fought too hard for us to pass on this freedom we have been given.

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1 Response to Gratefully Yours #8

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    Amen sister, I still go by those rules except with a few choice friends and while sometimes I’ve had to back myself out of a conversation before getting burned, I’ve also learned a lot from it from the other side’s perspective!

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